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Kristie Bruce-Lane, Conservative Frontrunner for Assembly District 76, Pleads for Support to Challenge Rising Living Costs and Declining Safety in California

Bruce-Lane gains attention of top political leaders and vows to bring balance and common sense back to Sacramento, as the state’s only viable pickup seat draws near to its March 5th primary.

SAN DIEGO, CA – In a bid to represent California’s Assembly District 76, frontrunner Kristie Bruce-Lane is focusing her campaign on addressing the escalating cost of living and the alarming decline in public safety and education standards. This message comes in a recent tweet, drawing attention from top state political figures and the public alike.

Bruce-Lane emphasized the increasingly concerning reality for Californians, stating, “The cost of living in California is 40% higher than the national average and it’s growing.” She highlighted the deteriorating conditions, saying, “our neighborhoods where our children play are unsafe and California public schools are near the bottom of the list in the country on education success.”

The candidate has caught the attention of Assembly Minority Leader James Gallagher and Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones, who are said to be intently focused on her campaign. The vacant Assembly District 76 seat is perceived as the only viable opportunity for conservatives to regain some ground in the state legislature.

Bruce-Lane’s aim to “move the needle to the right” and bring “balance and common sense back to Sacramento” has resonated with many constituents, who are eager for change after a protracted period of escalating living costs, perceived safety issues, and the persisting humanitarian crisis.

Her appeal for support signifies an urgent call to action, as the primary election on March 5th, 2024 draws near. Bruce-Lane urged her followers to help disseminate her message and contribute to her campaign, saying, “With your help, by making a donation in any amount, I can continue to reach those voters who may not hear my message.”

In addition, the California GOP endorsed Bruce-Lane yesterday, which was announced on Twitter.

Bruce-Lane is not the only candidate in the race for AD-76. Joseph C Rocha appears to be the progressive pick for the race, with endorsements from Democrat speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, State Senator Scott Wiener, and more of California’s most notorious progressives.

The outcome of the upcoming primary will be an indication of whether Bruce-Lane’s push for change will resonate with voters and result in a substantial political shift for the state of California.

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