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San Diego’s Street Vending Resumes Amid Concerns of Weak Enforcement

Street vending in the City of San Diego has resumed after the end of the summer moratorium following Labor Day. This means that street vendors can now legally sell their goods in certain areas of the city’s beaches and parks once again. However, there are concerns that the city may contribute to the thriving of illegal street vendors by not enforcing the laws.

Larry Webb, the President of the Mission Beach Town Council, expressed his worry about the city’s approach to street vending. He specifically pointed out that only Ventura Place to the boardwalk is affected by the end of the summer moratorium. Other areas of Mission Beach will still have vending rules in place.

Webb also made a distinction between selling goods and the rights protected by the First Amendment. He mentioned that some artistic and religious vendors are attempting to claim constitutional protections for their vending activities.

KUSI’s Dan Plante reported from Ventura Place, where vending is permitted, shedding light on the City of San Diego’s recent failures in effectively regulating street vending. Plante highlighted how some self-proclaimed “creators” are finding ways to circumvent the rules and take advantage of the situation.

Overall, the lifting of the street vending moratorium in certain parts of San Diego has raised concerns about the city’s ability to enforce regulations and prevent the growth of illegal vending activities. The differentiation between selling goods and First Amendment rights continues to be at the center of the debate surrounding street vending practices.

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