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Sewage Crisis at the Border: Biden’s Ineffective Money Dump

As Biden allocates millions to address border pollution, Mexico’s inaction continues to devastate California beaches.

The shared border between California and Mexico presents several serious threats, the most prominent being the overwhelming number of migrants crossing into the U.S. daily. These illegal crossings are often linked to severe crimes such as drug smuggling and human trafficking.

However, another pressing issue affecting Californians is the pollution originating from Mexico. This environmental threat, while not as immediately deadly as the fentanyl epidemic, deserves significant attention. The heavily polluted Tijuana River is a primary contributor to water contamination in border cities like Tijuana, Mexico, and Imperial Beach, California.

The Tijuana River, laden with sewage and harmful chemicals, has rendered 283 out of 289 tested beaches in Mexico unsafe by the end of March this year. The pollution level has surged by at least 23%, attributed to Tijuana’s growing population, exacerbated by the ongoing migrant crisis. This influx of migrants contributes significantly to the waste dumped into the river, heightening the pollution levels.

In response, on March 24th, President Joe Biden approved an amendment to H.R. 2882, increasing funding by $156 million to treat polluted water in Southern California. However, instead of addressing the root cause, Biden’s administration has placed the burden on U.S. taxpayers, failing to hold Mexico accountable.

A more effective approach would involve Biden negotiating directly with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to establish a long-term solution. The main source of pollution, a defunct wastewater facility in Mexico, discharges about 35 million gallons of raw sewage daily into the ocean. Despite this glaring issue, Biden’s strategy remains focused on reallocating funds rather than tackling the problem at its source.

The solution is straightforward: cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico to fix the pollution problem at its origin. Yet, under Biden’s leadership, this critical issue remains unresolved.

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