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San Diego Border Overtakes Arizona and Texas in Illegal Crossings

The implementation of stringent border control measures in Texas and Arizona has effectively redirected migrants towards California—which they see as an open door.

In recent weeks, San Diego has become the nation’s busiest sector for illegal border crossings. Only one week after Daily Mail reported “jaw dropping” weekly figure of 7,000 migrant apprehensions in early April, that figure shot up to a staggering weekly total of 9,000.  For context, these are numbers that would typically be seen over the span of a month in other border sectors.

The two-week total of 15,956 migrant arrests pushed San Diego ahead of the Tucson sector—previously the most heavily-trafficked in the country—which saw 13,300 in that same span of time.

In addition to the 8,959 migrants from nearly 70 countries encountered last week, San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel also reported via X that USBP agents also encountered 196 unaccompanied minors, interdicted 67 human smuggling incidents, and seized over 400 pounds of illegal drugs for the week ending April 13th.

Experts attribute the San Diego shift to the implementation of stringent border control measures in Texas and Arizona, which have effectively redirected migrants towards a proverbial open door in California.

“Texas is clamping down and other areas are clamping down; here in California, they’re allowed to walk in unimpeded,” said San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond. “They’re going to follow the path of least resistance, and the least resistance is in California.”

While the Mayorkas-run Department of Homeland Security has been quiet about the matter, San Diego County locals have certainly taken notice. Last week, a viral video showed Carlsbad beachgoers in shock and disarray when a boat loaded with migrants ran ashore in what appeared to be a premeditated human smuggling operation. The speeding boat can be seen narrowly missing several swimmers as it barrels towards land.

“I counted 22 people jumping off. It looked like a military exercise,” said the man who recorded the video. “One car, one SUV, and then ten got in it, but they left the rest behind, and they [migrants] just started walking towards Carlsbad.”

“We cannot have people just rushing on boats onto our shores and going into neighborhoods,” said Supervisor Desmond. “We need harsher penalties on human smugglers. We need the state and federal officials to bring more resources, whether it’s more Coast Guard or National Guard.”

Needless to say, the influx of migrants has put significant strain on San Diego’s local resources and law enforcement agencies. The sector’s processing centers in the region are 245% capacity, according to agency data obtained by the New York Post.  As such, many migrants who are vetted by US Border Patrol are being let loose at transit stations. Some were photographed sleeping in airport bathrooms.

Despite promises of comprehensive immigration reform, the Biden administration’s DHS has failed to effectively implement any meaningful solution to stem the tide of migrants unlawfully entering the country. It is by all metrics worsening. According to an Associated Press survey published last Friday, 58% of respondents reported that they feel Biden’s handling of immigration and border security either “hurt a little” or “hurt a lot.” Just 16% saying Biden’s approach has helped the issue. By contrast, 46% felt that Trump bolstered border security during his administration—a whopping 30-point edge over his rival.

As the November elections draw nearer, there is no doubt illegal immigration will be a central focus of political discourse—and, frankly, Biden’s critics already have plenty of ammunition.

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