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Faulconer Slams Terra Lawson-Remer for Refusing to Shield Residents From Higher Property Taxes

While Terra Lawson-Remer Falters, Kevin Faulconer Emerges as the Voice for San Diego Families Facing Skyrocketing Costs.

SAN DIEGO, CA — In a move that underscores his dedication to fiscal responsibility, former San Diego Mayor and current District Three County Supervisor candidate Kevin Faulconer has taken a bold stance in support of Proposition 13. His comments come on the heels of opponent Terra Lawson-Remer’s hesitancy to safeguard San Diego County residents from escalating property taxes at a time when the nation grapples with unprecedented inflation.

Kevin Faulconer wasted no time in criticizing Lawson-Remer’s lack of commitment to fiscal prudence. “Tonight Terra Lawson-Remer refused to support keeping families in their homes and preventing a property tax hike. In the midst of crushing inflation, a tax hike is the last thing our county needs,” he declared.

Faulconer’s stern commitment to Proposition 13 emerges as a necessary counterpoint to what he refers to as Lawson-Remer’s “absent leadership.” He expressed his intent to reverse San Diego’s concerning financial trends and protect homeowners if elected. 

“We don’t need absent leadership right now; we need to reassure every family by letting them know we won’t allow tax hikes that will push them out of their homes at a time when everything is so expensive. San Diego already ranks number one as the most expensive place to live in the country and Terra Lawson-Remer continues to take votes to make things more expensive. I’m going to change that when I’m elected Supervisor.”

With skyrocketing costs threatening the well-being of San Diego residents, Faulconer’s steadfast position offers a glimmer of hope for families struggling to make ends meet. While Lawson-Remer dithers, Faulconer sets himself apart as the candidate willing to step up and defend the interests of his community.

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