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Disgraced Fletcher Ditched $2M Security Detail Paid for by Taxpayers

Taxpayers have said this money is a waste given Fletcher’s immoral actions.

Now-Disgraced San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher ditched his almost $2 million security detail paid for by county taxpayers in order to cheat on his wife, documents claim.

Fletcher announced his resignation following a lawsuit for sexual harassment and abuse brought by Grecia Figueroa, a former public relations officer of the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)  during the time he was chair at MTS. Figueroa has accused Fletcher of groping and kissing her against her will at MTS events, and despite expressing her concerns to Fletcher, he made it clear he intended to pursue her.

Obtained documents disclosed that the security detail provided by San Diego County began sometime during Covid through to February of 2023 lasting about 18 months. Fletcher received threats after his election to office according to the report, and following an arson event at his house in January 2022 that inflicted an estimated $36,000 in damages, the security costs for Fletcher averaged over $100,000 per month. 

The lawsuit brought by Figueroa mentions Fletcher’s security detail with instructions to Figueroa about a time they could safely meet without security being aware. 

The suit also notes Figeuroa suggested that Fletcher’s security may have been aware of Fletcher’s interactions with her. It describes a scene where Fletcher’s bodyguard approached her as she was picking up the mail outside the MTS boardroom. 

“The bodyguard asked whether Ms. Figueroa was employed by MTS or the County of San Diego and whether he had seen her at a County Board of Supervisors meeting in the past, because he thought he had seen her around the County Administration building. Ms. Figueroa politely answered his questions but found them bizarre because she had never attended meetings at the County Administration building and because Fletcher’s bodyguards rarely, if ever, spoke to anyone other than Fletcher himself,” the complaint said. 

This incident came after Figueroa described a scene in June where she had to push Fletcher away from her after Fletcher allegedly assaulted her with MTS personnel right outside the door. No mention was made as to how close the security detail was posted in that incident at the MTS headquarters.

Last month Fletcher announced he would be checking into a treatment center for PTSD, trauma, and alcohol abuse for childhood trauma and his past as a marine. It is now known that at the time he was aware of Figueroa’s intent to sue him for harassment.

In his defense, Fletcher claims the interactions were consensual.

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